Bore Well Compressor


STORM POWER Manufactures Bore well pumps for Agriculture, factories, hospitals,housing complexes and for many more applications.with a simple mechanism, they are found to be more effective where water level is below 300 feet.These pumps are suited for continuous operations with a low power consumption.

Bore well pumps

Designed for high efficiency - close to Zero maintenance.

  • High efficiency crank shaft with Roller Bearing.
  • Compact build, Robust steel casting body,Rustproof.
  • Non- stop performance, Hardly heats up.
  • prompt efficient service after sales.
  • STORM POWER assurance of quality.

Available in the following ranges- 1 HP, 1,5 HP,2 HP, 3 HP,5 HP,7.5 HP, 10 HP.


The Bore well pumps are manufactured to the best standards.The pump housing is made of graded casting with deep finned cylinder for quick cooling. Renowned rollerbearings,forged web and crank shaft precision machining, prompt service after sales are the in-built advantages that comes to you when an STORM POWER Bore well pump is sold.

Working System:

This system comprises of a compressor pump and a set of pipes. The compressed air sent into the bore well, creates a differential pressure with in the bore which raises the water through the delivery pipe.The alternating piston arrangement of the pump allows the water flow in an intermittent fashion.can be operated with diesel Engines.