Prompt Air Equipments uses its superior manufacturing techniques and designing know how to plan a variety of cost well-organized Air Compressor, Air Dryer, Bore Well Compressor, Vacuum Pump, etc., for satisfying the increasing insist of the market. These air compressing products are designed and developed at par with the international standards.

We have been working the professional of manufacturing air compressor since 1996 and the rewards accruing in from the reliable hard work are gradual rise in the sales graph. We are a most important manufacturer, Supplier and Distributor of officially advanced or compressors which are quoted at nominal price for total customer satisfaction.

We sell major types of industrial air compressor including single stage air compressor , two stage air compressor , multi-stage air compressor, vacuum pump(for used hospital purpose), air dryer , air compressor parts, motor, and anything air compressor related

  • Designed for contionous duty
  • Aero dynamically designed fan with large blades for higher air flow
  • Optimal distribution of load on cylinders for energy efficiency(Two stage models)
  • Optimal operating speed for longer service life
  • Air reciever , conforming to ASME and EURO norms
  • Sturdy, robust cast iron crank case
  • Pressure relief safety values provided after each stage of compression for saftey
  • Stainless steel values for lower wear and lasting compressor efficiency
  • Efficent air filters to ensure clean intake air for long service life
  • Low expansion aluminium alloy piston with international standard piston rings for positive sealing at elevated temperatures